Cross cultural negotiating skills for the international manager 

Cross cultural negotiations is concerned with much more than how people with differing national cultures  attempt to close a deal. It takes into consideration all of the factors such as behaviour, rituals, perceptions, decision making processes and many other elements  which if not understood and addressed by the counterpart will probably lead to the deal falling through. The negotiation process is divided into three phases  (preparation, interaction and closing) each of which requires particular skills on the part of the negotiator in order to obtain a positive final outcome. The value of this outcome may be perceived differently by each party involved. The objective is to arrive at a win/win  agreement which is seen to be fair by all parties involved.


  • Principles of negotiation
  • The influence of national culture affects on the negotiation process and outcome
  • Phases in the negotiation process
  • Negotiating strategies
  • Negotiating styles
  • Team negotiating
  • Multi issue negotiating
  • Negotiating in a multicultural environment
  • Traps to avoid during the negotiation process
  • Characteristics of an expert negotiator


 Target audience

  • Managers already working in a multicultural environment
  • Personnel who currently interact with foreign nationals  as part of a global virtual team
  • Organisations thinking of establishing an overseas presence in the form of subsidiaries, joint ventures or through mergers or acquisitions
  • Organisations who host overseas visitors on a regular basis



  •  Simulations
  •  Personalised content
  •  Group projects
  •  Case studies
  •  Workshops

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